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Principal Investigator

  Timothy Bertram
Joined In: 2015
B.A. 2000, Colby College
Ph.D. 2006, UC Berkeley
Post-doc, University of Washington - Seattle

Postdoctoral Researchers

  Xiao-Fei Gao
Joined In: 2021
Lanzhou University
PhD at University of Science and Technology of China

Graduate Students

  Delaney Kilgour
Joined In: 2018
Occidental College
  Tom Derrah
Joined In: 2019
Grinnell College
  Shannon Brown
Joined In: 2021
The Alabama State University
  David Hood
Joined In: 2021
William & Mary
  Martina Rogers
Joined In: 2021
Miami University
  Subi Thakali
Joined In: 2021
Kalamazoo College
  Kevin Wokosin
Joined In: 2021
The College of Wooster

Visiting Students

  Carson McFarland
Joined In: 2023
University of Wisconsin Madison